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Authentic mule-powered Tennessee Moonshine

April 15th, 2012 No comments

Sometimes people need a good reminder of how things used to be. We could speed things up with tractors or increase our yield with a few chemicals, but when it comes to making good whiskey, some things just can’t be rushed.

A good team of mules are hard workers. Sometimes they’re slow, sometimes stubborn, but dedicated to getting the job done.

This is the second year we’ve teamed up with the Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners Association to disc our organic corn fields. Twelve teams came out Saturday and helped make farming look easy. The field they disced will become the corn that makes our authentic Tennessee Moonshine.

If you missed this year’s discing, be sure to come to our grand opening Saturday April 21 for free mule wagon rides, tours and Moonshine tasting. You can also catch a performance by the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. And if the timing is right, we’ll have a few bottles of Shine for you to take home a genuine taste of this unique Tennessee experience.

Moonshine cookies and other treats from Cannon County

April 12th, 2012 3 comments

Wanda Thompson and her son Aaron Thompson show off their cranberry-pecan Moonshine Cookies at The Blue Porch.

Some things are just meant to be, like Moonshine infused icing on a blue berry bread pudding. If that sounds amazing, wait until you take a bite of this and other tasty treats being whipped up in The Blue Porch at the Art Center of Cannon County.

Owners Wanda and Aaron Thompson have taken our authentic Tennessee Moonshine to a whole new level by baking it into cookies, soaking it into oatmeal cake and drizzling it in icing over two different types of bread pudding.

By the time I showed up to do some research yesterday, it looked like half of Cannon County had already decided the blue berry bread pudding is a hit. There was none left, and I could see why. It’s the one treat with the most distinguishable taste of Short Mountain Shine. You can taste it in the cookies if you know what to look for. Like with most baking, there isn’t any more alcohol in these than there would be cooking with extracts.

Short Mountain Distillery is a sponsor of the April 13-28 performance of Mitch Albom’s Duck Hunter Shoots Angel at the Arts Center. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to stop by The Blue Porch and take home a genuine taste of Cannon County!

Spring planting 2012 with 12 teams of mules – April 14

Video from our Spring Planting 2011 at Short Mountain Distillery.

Saturday morning April 14 starting around 10, bring the family and a couple of lawn chairs out to the distillery to watch us disc our organic corn fields with 12 mule teams from the Middle Tennessee Muleskinner’s Association.

We had so much fun discing the fields last Spring with mules that we decided to do it again this year. It might take a little longer to get done, but every thing about it just feels right to us. See y’all Saturday!

Review: Reviving traditional Tennessee distilling ‘brilliantly’

April 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Check out the very nice review of Short Mountain Distillery by Chuck Rainey in the April edition of Nashville Lifestyles: Let It Shine – Short Mountain Distillery revives traditional Tennessee distilling brilliantly.

Since opening March 23, the Still House Store has sold out of our authentic Tennessee Moonshine every day, and we’re working hard to keep up while also fulfilling orders to place the product in stores across the state of Tennessee this Spring. Visitors probably won’t see much of the steady pace of the Still House against the backdrop of slow farm life, but you can sure taste the results when the two come together.

Long before you arrive on site, the fresh air and gorgeous scenery begin to take hold and cast away the cares of daily drudgery, taking you back to a simpler time. Genuine handshakes, friendly smiles and a piece of Tennessee tradition await you at Short Mountain Distillery. Picnic tables are scattered about the property in welcoming fashion. Bring a lunch, some cards, a checker board and stay awhile. You are welcome.