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Grantham family land deals in Colonial America

November 14th, 2008 No comments

Thomas Warren is the great great grandfather of Catherine Proctor (my 8th great grandmother), who married my 8th great grandfather Edward Grantham, yes the tobacco farmer who received levies for not going to church and for trading with Indians. Thomas Warren’s estate at Smith’s Fort was purchased from¬†Thomas Rolfe, the son of John Rolfe and his wife Pocahontas, according to old land deeds.

Here are some notes I’m finding on Warren. According to these notes, Warren’s estate, Smith’s Fort Plantation, was land he purchased from Thomas Rolfe, the son of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.

Thomas Warren was born before 30 January 1623/24 at Ripple Court, Kent, England.1 He was the son of William Warren and Katherine Gookin. Thomas Warren was baptized on 30 January 1624/25 at Ripple Court, Kent, England.3,4,5 He married Alice Powell, daughter of William Powell and Margaret Whitney, before 1645 at Virginia. Thomas Warren married Elizabeth Spencer after 25 September 1654 at Surry County, Virginia.6 Thomas Warren married Jane Stokes after 1658. Thomas Warren died on 21 April 1670 at Smiths Fort Plantation, Surry Co, Virginia.7 His estate was probated on 21 April 1670 at Surry County, Virginia.8

He was Type: Bought land at ‘Smith’s Fort’ from Thomas Rolfe (son of John Rolfe & Pocahontas). He Notes for Thomas Warren: Came to VA in 1640. Purchased land from Thomas Rolfe (given to John Rolfe, his father, by Powhatan as a wedding gift in 1614 when he married Pocahontas) in 1643. Member of House of Burgesses for James City, Oct 1644- Mar 1658. In 1653, he began construction of a brick house 50 feet long which he managed to have completed by the time he married Elizabeth, daughter of ancient planter William Spencer. Member of House of Burgesses for Surry Co., 1663-1666. He was qualifying ancestor for Jamestowne Society.9 Thomas Warren immigrated before 3 February 1639/40 to Surry County, Virginia.2 He was Type: Granted land on 3 February 1639/40 at 450 acres, eastern branch of Smiths Fort Creek, Surry Co, Virginia.2 He immigrated in 1641; With Daniel Gookin.4,5 He immigrated after 3 February 1640/41 to Surry County, Virginia.1 He was Type: Land patent on 3 July 1648 at 290 acres, Surry Co, Virginia.2 He was Type: Built circa 1651 at Smith’s Fort, Gray’s Creek Plantation, Surry Co, Virginia.10 He lived in 1668 at ‘Smith’s Fort’, 1200 acres at the mouth of Gray’s creek, Surry Co, Virginia.11,12 He left a will on 16 March 1668/69 at Surry County, Virginia.8